52 Portraits :: week #39

Welcome to the Capris-2

Welcome to the Capris!

This gentleman who works at the Art-Deco-inspired Capris theatre, allowed me to photograph him in his ticket booth with my new fish eye lens, the EF 8-15mm f4L USM.

..fun times ahead!

Last photo for 2012..

Whitney @ 8 -3

With school holidays happening at the moment, it gives me the opportunity to play with my lights and diffusers.. and with luck, take photos of my family..

..and with an real luck, not have them charge me for their time!..

I can’t believe how quick she’s growing up!

Have a safe New Year everyone!

Birthday Boy..

Lewis 11

Today my son turns eleven.. Happy Birthday buddy!

..I hope this year is fantastic and that it will be easier to get a portrait of you.. but then, my birthday wish was in October..

52 Portraits :: week #38

Dan Dean

Behold, a portrait of a modern day superhero..

No cape, tights, or a funky icon on his chest, but certainly a willingness to do incredible feats when duty calls..

His name is Dan Dean..

I was shooting a wedding recently in Melbourne and Dan Dean happily stepped in to become my impromptu assistant. Hand holding lights and modifiers, moving furniture, being an exposure model, driving me around, taking me to ‘The Duchess of Spotswood’ and refuelling me with exquisite coffee; his depth of character indeed proving to be deep, as he helped out in any way possible.

Thank you Dan Dean.. in all seriousness you are an absolute champion!!

52 Portraits :: week #37



Well.. school holidays are upon us..

..and a key person who makes the school term more relaxing is Linda Marks.

She’s the cogs behind a smooth running classroom making every teacher she has contact with assured of a quality lesson. ..and in this case, my choice for this week’s portrait using my medium format film camera.

Thanks Linda for all of your hard work!

Meet the Costanzo’s


The Costanza’s are a beautiful family..

In any particular day, kids are unpredictable to photograph.. though having such a rich and diverse garden to photograph makes it so much easier. The warmth of the family reflected the warmth of the day as I not only photographed the Costanzo’s, but enjoyed some Italian biscuits and an espresso.

I love how a camera allows me to meet and interact with fantastic people that I would not normally have the chance meeting!





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