52 Portraits :: week #41

Andrew Short

Andrew can hear..

He listens intently when you talk to him, and validates who you are when having a conversation with him.. that is, he hears who you are..

I first met Andrew when we were studying Jazz at Adelaide University where we were both in the same small group ensemble.. Andrew on Trombone, and myself on Bass.. His extensive knowledge and experience on his instrument was a great inspiration to me, and his encouragement drove me to work on my music harder. In fact, Andrew inspires me regardless of what he does by the sheer passion he places into his pursuits.

Andrew Short is by far one of the easiest people to like!

Love your work Andrew!


(..for more info on my 52 project click here to see the photo that started it all..)

Carnival Portraits..#2

Carnival portraits

The Salvation Army have incredible talent at their disposal!

The music and singing at the Salvation Army Youth Carnival in Geelong this year was incredible. Fantastically original music coupled with quality craftspersons made the events impacting beyond measure.

Carnival portraits-9

The main events were held in a big top tent at the showgrounds at Geelong with around 400 youth attending. For more details of the event, head on over to facebook.com/corpscadets..

Carnival Portraits..#1

Carnival portraits-6

One of the best Carnivals of all time!

I recently was invited to photograph the Salvation Army Youth Carnival in Geelong. The whole camp was incredible!

Great people putting on an extraordinary event for around 400 youth on a parade ground under a big top tent. Speakers Rowan Castle, Fulton Hawk were inspiring.. loved it!

In my ‘down time’ I managed to sneak in some portraits using the meagre gear I managed to bring with me.. two speedlights and a reflector..

John was one of the organisers of the camp that brought a lot of clarity to the event behind the scenes, making the camp simply extraordinary!

Carnival portraits-5

More photos tomorrow!

For more details on the event head on over to facebook.com/corpscadets..

Mr and Mrs Greaves…

Luke and Christine

There is certainly a lot to love about the beach..

Sand.. salt.. shells .. water.. and the Greaves!

Luke and I work together on most weddings, and being a photographer, finds it difficult to gather his substantial family together to take a family portrait with camera in hand… so we made a deal.

We would both take each other’s family portrait and keep our wives happy that we too, would feature in a photo with the rest of the family. ..though due to the heat (40C degrees +) we decided to wait until the weather was a little more favourable for us..

Hanging out with the Greaves is always tremendous fun, and taking photos of them is just an added perk ..stay tuned for my family photo update sometime soon!

52 Portraits :: week #40

Dave Moulsdale-4


Everyone needs it, and it makes everything taste better..

Dave is like salt.. He makes everything better by just being around. Jokes are better when Dave tells them, stories are more interesting when he describes them, people feel better about themselves when he hangs around them..

Dave is easily high on my most regarded list, and as a result must be included in my 52 portraits!

Love your work Dave!!

Aaron and Julia :: wedding

Aaron and Julia-67

I’m in love..

I know it sounds weird for a fella, but I am so in love with Aaron and Julia’s wedding day. Everything about it was a truly awesome experience of quality.. family, friends, styling, details all brought together to celebrate two amazing people in love, Aaron and Julia.

Aaron and Julia-2

Aaron and Julia-31

Aaron and Julia-36

Aaron and Julia-32

Aaron and Julia-1


Aaron and Julia-22

Aaron and Julia have truly surrounded themselves with the most incredible people. The individual touches brought out the uniqueness to their bridal party really allowing for the personalities to shine through. Even the Melbourne weather reflected the intense warmth felt between these two beautiful people.

Aaron and Julia-51

Elegance and sophistication..

Aaron and Julia

Aaron and Julia-63

Aaron and Julia-6

Aaron and Julia-61

Aaron and Julia-60

Aaron and Julia-8

Aaron and Julia-65

Aaron and Julia-68

Aaron and Julia-4

Aaron and Julia-75

Aaron and Julia-64

Thank you Aaron and Julia for allowing me to be a part of your day in Melbourne!

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