Mark and Angela :: Wedding

Mark and Angela-4

A wedding that I’ll never forget!

It had it all, perfect weather, MA15+ content, action and drama, comedy and tragedy, coffee, and two people in love..

Mark and Angela-15

Mark and Angela-7

Mark and Angela-20

Mark and Angela-24

Mark and Angela are a couple of people who you just want to hang around with.. Mark is very funny and would do almost anything for a dare (..hence some MA15+ content..) and Angela is a super fit boxer. (..the action..)

Mark and Angela-2

Mark and Angela-3

Mark and Angela-5

Mark and Angela-4

The weather was a photographer’s dream with perfect cloud covering up until the mid afternoon. Photographs with Mark and the boys were both fun and revealing and aside from the near miss of Mark falling out of a tree, went without a hitch.

Angela and the girls were simply stunning and fantastic to photograph..

The ceremony was held outdoors in a Rose garden with family and close friends attending, a perfect backdrop to Mark and Angela’s perfect day.

Mark and Angela-46

Mark and Angela-47

Mark and Angela-48

Mark and Angela-54

Mark and Angela-56

Mark and Angela-57

Mark and Angela-59

It was an incredible day photographing Mark and Angela’s wedding, and I now know to check that I have my keys on me at all times.. Thanks Luke Greaves for waiting for the RAA while we went to the Port to take more photos!

Mark and Angela-66

Mark and Angela-68

Mark and Angela-69

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