Aaron and Julia :: wedding

Aaron and Julia-67

I’m in love..

I know it sounds weird for a fella, but I am so in love with Aaron and Julia’s wedding day. Everything about it was a truly awesome experience of quality.. family, friends, styling, details all brought together to celebrate two amazing people in love, Aaron and Julia.

Aaron and Julia-2

Aaron and Julia-31

Aaron and Julia-36

Aaron and Julia-32

Aaron and Julia-1


Aaron and Julia-22

Aaron and Julia have truly surrounded themselves with the most incredible people. The individual touches brought out the uniqueness to their bridal party really allowing for the personalities to shine through. Even the Melbourne weather reflected the intense warmth felt between these two beautiful people.

Aaron and Julia-51

Elegance and sophistication..

Aaron and Julia

Aaron and Julia-63

Aaron and Julia-6

Aaron and Julia-61

Aaron and Julia-60

Aaron and Julia-8

Aaron and Julia-65

Aaron and Julia-68

Aaron and Julia-4

Aaron and Julia-75

Aaron and Julia-64

Thank you Aaron and Julia for allowing me to be a part of your day in Melbourne!

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