Ben and Anna :: Wedding

Ben and Anna-29

Kind of like salted caramel..

..the perfect combination of two ingredients that make for the best chocolate experience ever!

Ben and Anna’s wedding was the blending of the best ingredients to make one of the most incredible weddings I have photographed. They are just so good together.

Ben’s proposal to Anna was simply fantastic catching Anna by surprise.

From the moment I started photographing them at the pre-wedding photography session, I became excited for the opportunity of photographing their wedding.

..and the day was amazing.

Ben and Anna-43

Ben and Anna-10

Ben and Anna-12

Ben and Anna-14

Ben and Anna-5

Ben and Anna-2

Ben and Anna-4

Ben and Anna-16

Ben and Anna-19

Ben and Anna-25

Ben and Anna-22

Ben and Anna-31

Ben and Anna-32

Ben and Anna-37

Ben and Anna-41

Ben and Anna-42

Ben and Anna-43

Ben and Anna-49

Congratulations Ben and Anna on a spectacular day, you are both incredible people made brilliant by being together. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of photographing you wedding!

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