Big trip, small camera..


Sometimes a small camera brings opportunities that a big camera can’t..

While in a small coffee diner in Renmark while on our way to Canberra, I met a young lady who was kayaking up the River Murray. I asked to buy her a coffee in exchange for her portrait, and found out that she would be trekking for a number of months and travelling thousands of kilometres in her journey.

I found that using the Fuji x100, people are more willing to have their portrait taken than if I had on of my other DSLR cameras. I’m loving this little camera!


Canberra was a fantastic experience.. despite it’s rather bland appearance, it hosts the most incredible culture-rich places to visit. The National Art Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, The War Memorial, The Old Parliament House, The New Parliament House, The National Library.. to name a few. The people are friendly, and it has a similar vibe to Adelaide in some respects. ..though finding a good coffee is pretty hard.


..of course travelling with quality people makes a trip truly fantastic!


A great trip with a great camera!


Since coming home from Canberra I’ve been carrying around the Fujifilm x100 with me everywhere I go. It is an incredible camera that allows me to control all aspects of my craft with incredible quality.

For more details about the camera you can check it out here.

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