52 Portraits :: week #35


It is really tough getting a portrait of Rowan..

..but despite the difficulty, Rowan remains to be one of my closest friends.

I feel absolutely comfortable being myself with Rowan, not having to find things to say, or struggle with trying to impress him, or to take turns being the ‘funny one’ in order to keep our friendship mutual. Rather we have an unopposed ability to trust each other wholly. I like that.

After all I have made Rowan do some pretty horrible things like help move my mum’s furniture when he was so sick that he was peeing blood.. (he got over it like I predicted..) and dropping around his place on my way to work at 7am like clock work asking “what’s for coffee?”..

Though I have also had the pleasure of playing music with him for various conferences, bands and other musical opportunities, like my jazz degree recitals and Helpmann Academy Jazz bass award.

With the distance from Adelaide to Melbourne forcing us to see each other less regularly, I appreciate the times when we do just sit and relax, chat about what’s happening, drink a coffee and pee healthily.


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