Control Freak

Aren’t most photographers?

..well, perhaps not, but the pocketwizard AC3 can certainly satisfy the  control freak tendencies!

The idea behind the little device is to remotely control the power settings of off camera flashes when they attached to TT5 pocketwizard radio transmitters..

The benefit is that I don’t have to manually adjust the flashes power settings, which in most cases leads me to get up and walk over to the flash a number of times during a session. ..I can adjust settings where ever I am with camera in hand!

Of course newer cameras have that ability in menu, such as the 7D, 5DIII etc.. but the controls are often buried in menu settings which is a pain, but the AC3 allows me to just turn some dials for immediate results.. awesome!

The above photo of my son and the one featured in my 52 portrait project (week #31, click here) allowed me to try out the AC3 controller. I simply took an initial exposure and then dialled the amount of power I wanted from the flash to be balanced with the sun’s light that rimmed my son’s face.. quick and easy.. which is useful since his patience for photos is extremely short..

While this isn’t a review as such, I do recommend it to those who are using the pocketwizard system, and if interested, can find more information on their website here.

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