Sneak Geek Too

Really.. it’s all too easy to geek  over things.

Just point someone in the direction of their interest and they will bring up incredible facts and interesting bits of information about it. ..well, introducing another post on a ‘sneak geek’ at some behind the scenes lighting of a couple of my previous portraits.

When learning to light, I found a great deal of value in studying other photographer’s lighting diagrams and descriptions. As a result, the following is another ‘Sneak Geek’ at how I lit one of my earlier portraits.

If you are of the ‘look-at-the-pictures-and-move-on’ type of viewer, feel free to do so, however, if there is a little bit of geek in you, this is how I lit this portrait..

One of my more recent light modifier purchases was a speedlight beauty dish. The ‘beauty’ of it is, it provides a fantastic light and pulls apart and folds flat for easy storage. ..and like anything that I buy, I am quick to take it with me when I visit family or friends to coerce them into a portrait!

On one particular family visit, shortly after the beauty light purchase, I managed to photograph Andrew, my wife’s cousin’s fantastic husband… and my brother-in-law, coincidently called Andrew as well..

The particular light effect that the beauty dish has is its uniqueness with how the light falls into shadow. It’s not a soft light, and certainly isn’t harsh like a bare speed light. If you look under Andrew’s nose in the above portrait, you can see the effect of the shadow the beauty dish creates. There is still a defined shadowed line but has a slight softness that isn’t harsh. Adding two other bare speedlights as rim lights, creates a dramatic portrait that accents Andrews features.

Adding some Lightroom/Photoshop love by way of desaturation, a subtle split tone, and (unusually for me) some high pass filter, and both Andrew’s were finished.

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