Jason and Hannah :: Wedding

What a perfect day!

Hannah and Jason are an enormously fun couple! I had such a great time meeting with them prior to their wedding day, enjoying their humour, appreciating their ‘apple savvy’ techno toys, and just getting excited over the possibilities for their wedding day.

..and their day certainly didn’t disappoint!!

From the very first photos with the fellas, and their ‘try anything’ attitude, I knew that the day would be a great deal of fun. Superhero t-shirts, a stray shopping trolley, and a long bike track kickstarted our photography.

Hannah and the girls carried themselves with an elegance that was simply beautiful.. I knew that Jason would be stunned when he saw her at the church.

After a fantastic ceremony that highlighted the commitment that Hannah and Jason were making to each other, we travelled to Tanunda with the bridal party closely following us. On the way I was awestruck by an incredible sunlit field of green grass.. so jamming on the brakes at the first open gate I pulled over, and ran up to the Limo that had also stopped suddenly with a pile of bridal party bodies in the back.

Hannah and Jason, singing ‘The Hills are Alive’ were simply in the moment. A pure photographing experience!

Tanunda is a beautiful old town in the Barossa Valley which has its name derived from an aboriginal word meaning ‘Water Hole’. We made our stop at Illaparra, a port wine shop owned by Grant Burges winery, where the bridal party relaxed while we photographed Hannah and Jason around the venue.

On the way back to the reception, we made another stop at a farm-house with a beautiful line of blossomed trees where we again enjoyed beautiful photography moments.

Hannah and Jason were such a fantastic couple to photograph. They have such an intensity for each other that was so engaging. The joy that both of them showed by being near each other was infectious making the day seem like minutes.

Congratulations Hannah and Jason on your wedding and all the successes to you both with your ‘happily ever afters’.

For more photos of Jason and Hannah’s wedding, feel free to visit my facebook page here.

A huge thank you to Luke Greaves for assisting on the day!

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