A land flowing with milk and coffee..

I love my coffee.

Spending just a short time visiting some of Melbourne’s quality coffee places was just extraordinary! ..and of course sharing my experience with awesome friends and a 35mm film SLR just made for a perfect day!

Due to time, we were only able to visit three places.. Axil Coffee Roasters, Duchess of Spotswood, and St Ali.. 

To clarify, I don’t write reviews for coffee places but love to take photographs, though I would like to point out that these places certainly have a great deal of visual inspiration for photography.. in particular Duchess of Spotswood and St Ali. ..as a result I decided to shoot loose and honest to capture the feel of my experience on the day.

Duchess of Spotswood absolutely blew me away with their magnificent coffee and exquisite menu. The upstairs room where we waited for our table had a long table with various filtered coffee that was being made in lieu of a monetary donation. Downstairs, where we ate and coffee’d, had small wooden tables with cool black and white photos on the walls, cool music and a warm beatnik vibe that reminded me of all the good memories of my growing up. This place was magic!

St Ali may not have blew me away with their extraordinary coffee as much as the Duchess, but the atmosphere was truly incredible. The service was five star, the music and pub feel of the venue was perfect. The whole place felt ‘right’. I would have loved to stay and just create, brainstorm, dream, and drink their coffee all day. St Ali gave the impression that you had arrived and were invited to stay and make your home with them.

A great day out, with coffee, friends and coffee.


One thought on “A land flowing with milk and coffee..

  1. It does look like a pub!! My first thoughts was that!!

    I must admit the 35mm did well here bro…. makes me want to bust mine out again! I’ve been lazy of late!! And still haven’t used the Mamiya much! Bah!! Good stuff man, we should start a coffee and photography shop…… the Entrepreneur in me speaking there….

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