52 Portraits :: week #1

52 portraits in 52 weeks..

..over the next year I’m keen to set myself a challenge to seek out 52 interesting faces in a variety of settings and present one every week for a year.. no repeats, no shooting the same face twice.. above and beyond and not including normal shooting engagements..

Behold the first portrait. ..with something a little unusual that I’m curious to find if anyone will notice..

Thanks to Ben Allen for helping me with portrait #1 of my ’52 Portraits’ project..

If you would like to be featured as one of the 52 faces, or have a specific portrait challenge, visit my Facebook page by clicking here and letting me know!

10 thoughts on “52 Portraits :: week #1

  1. Clever Derek, he’s holding the cup in the reflection. Didn’t know you do magic as well. Looks great! I’ll be watching for the next 51 pics

  2. Hey Moya, great to hear from you!

    Yes, the cup he was holding was an espresso, white the cup on the table was a large latté.. I had to do some work to recreate his t-shirt logo.. I can’t promise the rest of the 51 photos to contain the same amount of ‘magic’, but I will do my best!

  3. Sorry to post this here, i dont have a facebook a/c – Would love to be featured in one of your 52 portraits should it be something coffee related.

    • Hey Bobby, I would love to feature you in one of the 52 portraits! I’ll get in touch with you via your blog when I have a spare moment ..by the way, love your blog!!

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