“A Perfect Day”

I used to find jigsaw puzzles frustrating.

Often I’d work hard at bringing all of the pieces together to create a masterful scene of the Alps or something, only to discover the last piece missing..

I did however find immense satisfaction when all of the pieces fit perfectly and the picture  would magically appear as if of their own volition.

That’s how it felt photographing Keiran and Jasmine’s wedding day as second shooter with the fantastic Luke Greaves.

The weather, locations, and above all, the people, made for a perfect day! From the early morning mist filled valleys, to the old run down house, the fallen leaves at the Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens, to the vineyard vistas that surrounded the reception.. what a day to shoot a wedding!

Congratulations Keiran and Jasmine for allowing us to be a part of your perfect day!

(Post title “A Perfect Day” by Bobby Cole)

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