“Me and My Uncle”

My youngest and happiest memory is one with my Uncle..

I remember being thrown into the air and caught by my Uncle when I was very young. I can recall the terrorising fear of being in the air and the immense joy of being caught. I must admit I don’t know how old I was, but obviously small enough to be thrown into the air.. and of course my memory includes him with a head full of hair..

I also have fond memories of him showing me a neat trick of colouring in where I place my finger against the black line of a picture in a colouring book and using it to prevent my pencil from colouring outside the lines.. pure genius.. especially to a young kid..

It’s always an immense pleasure hanging out with him when he passes through on his own PhotoBinge excursions.. photographing landscapes while visiting all of us.. Despite the difference in our subject matter it’s great to just talk camera geek.. and sneak in a couple of portraits..

To enjoy some amazing landscape photography, head over to his website at Gracious-Light.com.

Love my Uncle!

..even if he prefers HTC android to iPhone! ..at least he shoots Canon..

(Post title “Me and My Uncle” by John Denver)


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