“Kemo Sabe”

Being Tonto mustn’t have been a bad gig back in the day..

(Tonto,is the old school hero, Lone Ranger’s faithful companion, an oxymoron by definition as he’s not actually ‘lone’ when riding with a companion..)

In some respects I have been the Tonto to a good photographer friend, Luke Greaves, wedding shoots. Advisably, I wear appropriate wedding attire, as Indian dress ups and a bow and arrow don’t inspire confidence in a modern couple’s special day.

The thought of assisting and augmenting images with holding lighting rigs and shooting with my camera is an awesome joy. ..and allows me to also enjoy seeing a different perspective of a wedding than as of the primary photographer.

Mark and Erin’s wedding was one such wedding that allowed me to enjoy the day while augmenting Luke’s already fantastic photographic eye with lighting and occasional images. An awesome couple with a huge posse bridal party of equally extraordinary people.

So maybe Tonto isn’t as remembered as the Lone Ranger (and I realise some still don’t know who The Lone Ranger is..) but the most important aspect of Tonto’s mission was to be heroic in circumstances that called for heroism and to make the actions of the Lone Ranger more famous than his own..

Being second to one is a pretty awesome gig!

(Post title “Kemo Sabe” by Newworldaquarium)

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