“Wedding Bliss – Awaiting the Bride”

I’ve seen mothers, fathers, groomsmen and even myself put on boutonnieres on the groom before, but at Jamie and Sarah’s wedding, it was the first time I saw pliers used..

The tone of Jamie and Sarah’s awesome wedding day started with Jamie and his mates; the DS’s, pliers, 2 minute noodles, a strong drink with iced coffee, lost keys and a dead pigeon..

I can’t wait to show you the results of this couples’ fantastic wedding day!

Stay tuned..

(Post title “Wedding Bliss – Awaiting the Bride” by Roy Todd)

One thought on ““Wedding Bliss – Awaiting the Bride”

  1. Hi There Derekmcclure,
    Thanks for your thoughts, I wrote this. What do people think, I don’t mind constructive criticism but please don’t be mean… I put time and effort into this. Thank you

    Newly wed

    Bound a new eternal bond
    Uniting two souls in love
    Granting timeless delightful bliss
    Blessed by heavenly angels above

    An elegantly fitted puzzle piece
    Causes each heart to skip a beat
    Cupid’s arrows crossed two lovers track
    Though their spectacle still incomplete

    “Our best day was not our wedding
    But the upcoming years that stun
    A life together will truly amaze
    Our story has just begun!”

    Best wishes upon the newly wed
    Each future day awaits their grace
    A fresh world of exotic adventures
    Anticipates their eager embrace

    Gazing into sparkling eyes
    A husband tells his wife
    “I love thee dearly darling bride,
    I cannot wait for the rest of our life”
    All the Best

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